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The guys from the Austrian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (ÖABFF) wish you a Happy New Year. :-)


We started yesterday with the information series "On the Point" on the IFBBPRO / NPC in Austria. By that we would like to draw serious attention to a new opportunity for Austrian athletes. You can find "On the Point" on https://www.npcaustria.at/ or on the private Facebook group ÖABFF.

With this initiative, we would like to set a consciously positive counterpoint to the untruths and controlled misinformation that has been circulating on the Internet in recent days. Our information is based on facts and it offers serious information for Austrian athletes to recognizing the new opportunities that the NPC offers.

If you think our information is good and important for our sport, please feel free to share on your social media pages. Thanks!

We would be pleased if you accepted our Information and create your own image without any prejudices.

After all, our common sport should connect and not separate.

Your TEAM NPC Austria